Zig Zag LED Strip daylight white 12 Volt

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Here you will find our Zig Zag LED strips. With these cleverly made LED strips, you can professionally lay them in circles or around curves. This is not possible with conventional straight LED strips. Sticking the LED strip around the corner is now child’s play.

The Zig Zag LED strip or also called Strip Curve is designed from the outset so that it can be bent by 90 degrees. Laying this LED strip in a circle or sticking it around a corner is no problem. If it was not possible with conventional LED strips, you can stick this LED strip around the corner without having to fear that the LED strip will be damaged during installation.

For the installation of the Zick Zack LED strip you need the following additional products:

  1. LED controller for dimming
  2. Radio remote control or / and wall switch
  3. LED power supply unit
  4. Curve LED strip can be bent by 90 degrees

These strips, also known as Curve strips, can be used in many ways. Often these LED strips are used for the construction of indirect lighting. The advantage of this variant is that it is much more flexible in use than a normal LED strip. Furthermore, the Zick Zack LED strips are also very energy-efficient. They are very flat in their construction and can of course be shortened in length.

Our LED Curve strips are also equipped with a high-quality adhesive tape on the back, which makes it easier to install them.

Because these Zick Zack LED strips are manufactured with a specially designed circuit board, they can even be applied to round surfaces. Laying around corners is also no problem with this LED light source. Everything is possible. Do you still know soldering work with conventional LED strips when it comes to 90 degrees around the corner? This work is completely unnecessary here.

Because this LED strip is so flexible in use, it is often used for advertising signs and illuminated letters. Also ideal for light box manufacturers.

The Zick Zick LED strips are available in 3 different colour temperatures. Once in warm white, neutral white and in cold white.

The power supply for these Zick Zack strips

For this kind of strips we need 12 Volt LED power supplies. But how do we find the right power supply for this LED strip?  We calculate as follows:

Power in watts per metre x total length = total consumption in watts + 15% – 20% reserve = power required from the power supply.

A Curve strip consumes 8 watts per metre and we use 5 metres as an example, then the calculation is as follows:

8 watts x 5 metres = 40 watts + 20% reserve = 48 watts. We therefore need an LED power supply unit with approx. 48 watts of power.

Bemessungslichtstrom in lm700
Betriebsspannung (in Volt)12
Betriebstemperatur (°C)–20 °C bis +50 °C
Fachgerecht zu entsorgen nach WEEEJa
Farbkonsistenz (SDCM)<4SDCM
Farbtemperatur (in Kelvin)6000
Farbwiedergabe Ra >>80Ra
Gewicht (g)56
HerstellerLongLife LED GmbH by HK
Herstellergarantie2 Jahre
Lagertemperatur (°C)–20 °C bis +50 °C
Leistungsaufnahme (in Watt)8
MaterialPCB, Silikon
Nennlebensdauer (h) >25000
Nennlichtstrom in lm700
PrüfzeichenCE, RoHS
Breite (mm)8
LED TypSMD2835
Anzahl der LED's60/m
Artikelnummer (SKU)2084
Hat eingebaute LED'sJa
nominal current mA620
Zusatzinfokaltweissweiß, 380lm/m, 120°Abstrahlwinkel, 8mm
NameLED Strip Curve SMD2835 6000K DC12V 8W/m IP20 60/m 5m
Nennstrom (in mA)700
Produktbreite (mm)8
UntertitelLED Strip Curve SMD2835 6000K DC12V 8W/m IP20 60/m 5m


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