RGBW LED strips + neutral white 24 V | IP20 protection class for indoor applications

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RGBW LED strips + neutral white 24 V | IP20 protection class for indoor applications

The RGBW LED strips with IP65 protection are flexible RGBW LED strips that are completely encapsulated in silicone, making them waterproof and suitable for outdoor applications and damp rooms. All these RGBW strips have a high-quality double-sided adhesive tape from the manufacturer 3M on the back of the conductor track. When mounting the RGBW LED strip, please ensure that the surface is dry, grease-free and clean.

  • Voltage: 24 volts
  • Consumption: 15 Watt/m
  • 826 lumens per metre
  • 60 LED/m
  • Light colours: red, green, blue and neutral white (4000K)
  • Width: 12mm
  • Connections for the RGBW LED strip with neutral white

Our RGBW LED strips each have a common anode. Anode on these RGB strips means that you have the connection for + on one LED strip. Of course we also have the cathode, with the RGB strips we have 4 cathodes. Cathodes here mean minus -. So we have 4 x minus on the strip. Separately for each light colour. Minus therefore once for the colour red, green, white and also blue.

The RGBW LED strip needs an LED controller.

RGBW strips need a controller so that they can reproduce all the desired colours. With this RGBW controller, each colour or LED chip is controlled separately and the luminosity is also adjusted. This technology produces all colours and colour mixtures from RGB.

Power supply for RGBW LED strips with neutral white

We offer 12 Volt and also 24 Volt RGBW LED strips. Each of these LED strips requires constant DC voltage. Calculate the dimension for the required power supply as follows: Power of the LED strip per metre in Watt x total length of the LED strip = total power of the strip + 20 % reserve = required power of the LED power supply.

Applications of the RGBW strip – Indirect lighting

RGBW LED strips are very popular. If you want to install indirect lighting, you often use this type of LED strip. However, these LED strips should only be installed if you do not need perfect white light. Would you like to install indirect lighting, but not do without perfect white light? Then our RGB+CCT LED strips are definitely the right choice for you. Click here to see the RGB+CCT LED strips.

Lay the RGBW strips at an angle with accessories

If you want to create indirect lighting, e.g. in the bedroom or in the living room under the ceiling, you often have to get the strips around the corner somehow. If you have to get the strip around the corner, you can use our accessories. We have LED quick connectors in the angle. If you don’t feel like soldering, just use our angle adapters and you’re done.

Connecting RGBW LED strips to DMX

If you want to connect these LED strips to DMX systems and control them, this can be done with the appropriate Show Technik accessories. If you only want to use these strips for backlighting or indirect lighting, you only need a simple LED RGBW controller.


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