Mounting frame GU 10 | MR 16 angular

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Mounting frame GU 10 | MR 16 angular

Here you will find our round mounting frames for GU 10 and MR 16 lamps.

The mounting frame GU 10 | MR 16 square is suitable for mounting both outdoors and indoors because of the IP65 protection class. In outdoor areas, for example, protruding roofs are fitted with this IP65 mounting frame. IP65 mounting frames should also be used in damp rooms.

Mounting the IP65 mounting frames GU 10 | MR 16 angular

A ceiling cut-out of 68 mm is required for these angular mounting frames. Please note the total height for the installation depth: installation frame including inserted GU10 or MR16 lamp. Assume a depth of at least 65 mm. If you need to save on height, the 24 mm high LED modules in our range are a possible alternative. Then you only have to consider the height of the mounting frame (30 mm).

When inserting the light source, you have to pull off the clear cover with rubber seal towards the front. The GU10 bulb is inserted and the cover is clicked tightly over it again with light pressure.

Since LED lamps produce only a small amount of heat, they can be installed in suspended ceilings, wooden ceilings and plasterboard ceilings. The angular mounting frame forms a flat, clean finish.

Features of the IP 65 mounting frame GU 10 | MR 16 angular

  • Protection class IP65
  • Shape: angular
  • Aluminium frame
  • Click lock
  • Ceiling cut-out: 68 mm
  • Outer dimension: 84×84 mm
  • Height of mounting frame: 30 mm (incl. GU10 bulb: approx. 65 mm)
  • Lateral spring clips for fixing

The angular mounting frames without protection class have the dimensions 78×78 mm and require a ceiling cut-out of 55 millimetres.


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