LED Spot GU 10 Spot RGB+CCT Wifi ready

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LED Spot GU 10 Spot RGB+CCT Wifi ready

Are you looking for a spot with a GU10 base that allows you the possibility of (almost) infinite colour changes in RGB space and white light, is dimmable and where you can also adjust colour temperature and colour saturation?

Then this LED spot GU 10 Spot RGB+CCT Wifi ready is just right!

The LED spot is made of particularly heat-resistant material, the cover of transparent plastic, which has a light transmission of over 90%.
LEDs built into the spot with a service life of up to 50,000 hours and an extremely reliable driver make this GU 10 spot a highly sought-after product from the MiLight series.

Fernbedienungen und Wandschalter für GU10 Spot
Remote controls and wall switches for GU10 Spot


Both touch remotes 1446 and 1974 have slightly different size, design, and controllable functions (1974 can additionally adjust colour temperature and colour saturation), but both have a range of about 30m ensured by the 2.4GHz radio frequency.
In addition, both remote controls can control four different zones with an unlimited number of illuminants and set an almost infinite number of colour combinations. They only need 2x AAA batteries each.

Another very convenient way to control the spot’s settings at a distance is through the “WiFi ready” feature.
To use “WiFi ready”, you can choose between two different versions of a small control module:

Article no.: 2093 RGB CCT LED 2.4 GHz Controller
Article no.: 1864 WLAN WiFi control module version 2 (luminaire)

WiFi is a newer, synonymous term for WLAN and means that this control module allows you to control all compatible MiLight products with your tablet or smartphone (iOS from 7.0/Android from 4.1) via the wireless network.
Version 1 has the appearance of a rectangular box measuring 90.5mm x 66mm x 15mm, while version 2 looks like a small lamp
(height 6.8cm, diameter 7cm).

MiLight provides a free APP for smartphone or tablet that you can download from the internet.

iOS:  https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/milight/id680443167?mt=8
Android: https://play.google.com/store/search?q=milight&c=apps&hl=de

Once this is done, you can control all the compatible MiLight items in your home remotely with your smartphone or tablet, e.g. dim all the lights in the other rooms, switch them on or off etc.

But what’s really ingenious is that this is also possible from your holiday in Hawaii or your hotel room in Paris!
Your home can thus be made a little safer against burglary, because while you are away you can switch lights on and off so that burglars suspect people in the home and prefer to look for another target.

To see which lamps are compatible with which remote controls and wall switches, take a look at the graphic in the overview.

Anzahl der LED's8
Artikelnummer (SKU)1861
Bemessungslichtstrom in lm250
Betriebsspannung (in Volt)230
Betriebstemperatur (°C)–20 °C bis +50 °C
Durchmesser Ø (mm)50
Fachgerecht zu entsorgen nach WEEEJa
Farbtemperatur (in Kelvin)RGB+2700-6500
Farbwiedergabe Ra >>80Ra
Gewicht (g)78
Hat eingebaute LED'sJa
HerstellerLongLife LED GmbH by HK
Herstellergarantie2 Jahre
Lagertemperatur (°C)–20 °C bis +50 °C
LED TypRGB 5050 u. W 3030
Leistungsaufnahme (in Watt)4
NameRGB+CCT LED GU10 4W Spot 2.4GHz, WiFi ready
Nennlebensdauer (h) >50000
Nennlichtstrom in lm250
Nennstrom (in mA)250
Powerfactor >>0.55
Produktdurchmesser (mm)50
Produkthöhe (mm)57
PrüfzeichenCE, RoHS
UntertitelRGB+CCT LED GU10 4W Spot 2.4GHz, WiFi ready
Zusatzinfo2700-6500K, 250-280lm, 25°Abstrahlwinkel


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