LED Neon Flex Strips warm white 24 Volt

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LED Neon Flex Strips warm white 24 Volt

With our LED Neon Flex Strips we offer you a solid LED illuminant for homogeneous light and at the same time enormous possibilities for mounting. This LED strip is not called Flex for nothing. You can bend this strip to your needs. Because the strips are very flexible, they are extremely bendable. The strips are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

The luminous strips are available in many different colours and designs. Single-colour Neon Flex is available in red, blue and green, plus the light colours in warm white, neutral white and also in cold white. If you want to be able to reproduce all light colours and also the light colour white, we recommend our RGB + 3000 Kelvin. This neon strip can emit the basic colours, mixtures and also warm white light.

The LED rope light is the new generation of neon lighting. The LED Neon Flex Strip has a flexible silicone tube with a modern LED strip inside. The tube is covered with white silicone. The coated silicone creates a great diffuse contour light. You will not be able to see the small LED chips. You will not see anything.

Our LED Neon Flex strips are ideal for contour lighting, e.g. on petrol station roofs. The light tube is protected against water and dust. It works in the same way as a normal LED strip. Simply apply 24 volts and the LED tube lights up.

I show you the matching accessories for these lights further down on this page. In addition, they are also available in the checkout area. For the start-up of the illuminants, you need an appropriately dimensioned power supply unit, an LED controller and a remote control. I can also recommend the holders and end caps.

All light tubes have IP65 protection and are therefore protected against water jets from all directions. Furthermore, they are dust-tight.


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