LED lighting for stair treads

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LED lighting for stair treads

With our LED lighting for stair treads, you have the advantage that you can adjust the light colour entirely to your liking. This LED lighting is a so-called dual white or CCT illuminant. Each staircase LED lighting has a small dip switch, with this switch you can select the light colour between warm white 3000 Kelvin, neutral white 4000 Kelvin and cool white 6000 Kelvin. The light source for the stairs is recessed in a flush-mounted box and wired with a standard household power cable (230V). There are various versions of upper parts that differ in colour, shape and light emission opening.

We distinguish three colours for the upper parts: black/anthracite, white and silver-coloured. The shapes are limited to round or square. Probably the most important distinguishing feature is the light exit opening, which both emphasises the design of the staircase and illuminates the steps for sure-footedness.
Options for the light exit opening:

  • To the side
  • Downwards
  • Downwards and upwards
  • Lateral and frontal
  • Double lateral

Mounting the LED lighting for stair treads

The current-carrying cables are connected to the lower part without tools. The lower part is then pushed into the flush-mounted box or cavity wall box and fastened with screws. Four metal brackets protrude from the lower part. The top part has four recesses on the inside that fit exactly over the metal brackets. The top part is therefore placed over the metal brackets and is then pushed downwards (slide effect) so that the top part sits firmly.