LED house number 3

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LED house number 3 with adjustable light colour warm white | neutral white | cool white

The modern LED house number “3” with individual setting options and two mounting types. Excellent visibility in the dark. You will be thrilled. The LED house numbers have built-in CCT LEDs. You can choose the light colour and change it as required. Choose between warm white 2700 Kelvin, neutral white in 4000 Kelvin or 6500 Kelvin daylight white / cool white. Of course, you can also dim the LED house number. The LED house numbers require a constant voltage of 12 volts, an LED power supply unit is not included in the scope of delivery.

Here are the most important data at a glance:

  • Protection class IP65 for outdoor applications
  • Height of the LED house numbers 15 cm
  • Font Arial Bold
  • 3 different light colours adjustable
  • 2700 Kelvin | 4000 Kelvin | 6500 Kelvin
  • Dimmable

The following accessories are included in the scope of delivery for simple and direct mounting on a house wall:

  • Mounting template with adhesive strip
  • Spacer
  • Wing nut
  • Threaded rod
  • with 50 cm connection cable
  • Required power supply for the LED house numbers

Technical information and installation of the LED house numbers

The 50 cm long connecting cable is connected to the 4-way distributor of the power supply unit in a watertight manner (protection class IP65) Our LED house numbers are manufactured using the modern injection moulding process. The housing of the LED house number light contains a circuit board with CCT LEDs. The illuminated LED house number impresses with low power consumption and a long service life.

Mounting the LED house number without base plate

There are 2 ways to mount the LED house number. In the standard version, the LED house number is mounted directly into the brickwork. The house numbers and letters have built-in threads on the back. The threaded rods included in the scope of delivery are screwed directly into the thread on the back and inserted into the drill holes in the masonry. A template is also included in the delivery. Drill the holes beforehand and fill them with silicone. Then insert the threaded rods that you have already screwed into the house number into the brickwork. Remember that you not only have to drill a hole for the threaded rods, but also for the power supply.

Mounting the LED house number with base plate

The illuminated LED house numbers can also be mounted on the house wall with a base plate (available as an accessory). The cable, 4-way plug, LED power supply and switch disappear invisibly behind this base plate. Please note that the width of the base plate depends on your house number, i.e. on the number of numbers and letters.

To supply the LED house numbers with power, you need this special power supply unit.