COB LED strip 24 Volt cool white 6000 Kelvin 5M 10W/m 8mm 528LED/m IP20

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COB LED strip 24 Volt cool white 6000 Kelvin 5M 10W/m 8mm 528LED/m IP20

The COB LED strip 24 Volt cold white is characterised by two advantages:

The LED chips are covered by a continuous phosphor layer. The emitted LED light appears like homogeneous line light.
Single cut means that the strip can be shortened after each LED chip, making customised strip lengths possible. Over a length of 5 metres, 528 LED/m are distributed on the 24V COB LED strip. The single-colour COB LED strip shines with a cool white light colour and has a width of 8 millimetres. On the back of the LED strip is a 3M adhesive strip for attaching to smooth, load-bearing surfaces. The COB LED strip has an IP20 protection rating and is designed for indoor applications. The homogeneous line light has a particularly modern look and creates impressive lighting effects in residential and commercial spaces, e.g. as a frame for suspended ceilings. It can also create stylish light line guides on walls for wow effects.

To put this cool white LED strip into operation, you need the following accessories:

  1. Suitable power supply
  2. Suitable LED controller with dimmer function for single-colour LED strips
  3. Suitable remote control or wall switch