CCT LED strips 12 Volt IP 20 protection class for indoor applications

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CCT LED Strips 12 Volt IP 20

We offer CCT LED strips in 12-volt and 24-volt versions. If you only need a CCT strip of 5 metres, you can use the 12 volt version. If you are planning a longer distance, I recommend the 24 volt CCT version. When the voltage is doubled, the current is halved. Less heat is generated and therefore less loss.

What is a CCT LED strip IP 20 ?

A CCT LED strip is a flexible LED strip that can reproduce all white light colours very well. The CCT strip cannot do much, but what it can do, it does really well. The CCT strip is designed for 2700 Kelvin, i.e. warm white, up to 6500 Kelvin in cool white. Light colours in this range can be chosen freely and changed again and again according to your wishes.

What does CCT mean?

The abbreviation CCT means Correlated Color Temperature for LED lamps. CCT is the colour temperature of an LED and is expressed in Kelvin. According to the definition, it is the temperature of the Planckian radiator that belongs to a certain colour of light emitted by the radiation source. Planckian radiators are also called cavity radiators, blackbody radiators or black bodies. The Planckian radiator was named after the German physicist Max Planck (1858 – 1947).

CCT strip accessories

To put a project into practice in the 24 volt version, we need to know how long the lighting is to be. Then we have to design the LED power supply. We calculate this as follows:
CCT strip power in watts per metre x total length of the strip = total power of the CCT strip + 15-20% reserve = required power supply unit power. You can see suitable LED power supplies here if you click on this link.

Furthermore we need a LED CCT controller for CCT lamps.
To be able to adjust all settings, we need a remote control or a wall switch, or maybe both.
Further down here on this page, I have shown you the matching accessories, and also once again in the checkout area.


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