CCT LED panel 120×15 cm complete set

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CCT LED panel 120×15 cm complete set

CCT LED Panel Complete Set S (1) consists of:

  • LED panel
  • Radio remote control
  • Wire suspension
  • Z-bracket
  • Mounting clips
  • Power supply / Controller
CCT LED panel complete set A (2) consists of:

  • LED panel
  • Radio remote control
  • LED panel mounting frame in silver
  • Power supply unit / controller
CCT LED panel complete set E (3) consists of:

  • LED panel
  • Radio remote control
  • LED panel mounting frame in white
  • Power supply unit / controller

Our CCT LED panels offer you countless installation options. Through the use of high-end light-emitting diodes, you clearly benefit from enormous cost savings. At the same time, you have an LED panel of the latest generation. This CCT LED panel is available in the following sizes: 30x30cm | 60x60cm | 62x62cm for Odenwald ceiling | 60x30cm | 120x15cm | 120x30cm |150x 30cm | 120x60cm The scope of delivery includes the matching power supply unit.

What is the advantage of this CCT LED light source?

  • All our CCT panels can be dimmed, the brightness can be adjusted.
  • You can also adjust the light colour, just as you need it, from warm white to cool white.
  • You can also connect a light sensor, which will automatically dim the panel.

Due to the individual dimming of the different colour temperatures of these CCT LED panels, almost any colour temperature from warm to neutral white can be set. Due to these flexible possibilities, not only our 60cm x 60cm or the 62cm x 62cm panels that are suitable for grid ceilings, for example for Odenwald ceilings or Rockwool ceilings, can be used commercially, but also all other variants that we present to you here on this page.

We offer the CCT panels in the following variants: 30x30cm | 60x60cm | 62x62cm for Odenwald ceiling | 60x30cm | 120x15cm | 120 x30cm |150x 30cm | 120x60cm

Whether in the office, in schools, or even in a retail shop, anything is possible. Of course, you can also install this LED lamp at home or in your workshop.

The square CCT-LED panel 60x60cm 36W 3000-6000K offers you countless possibilities for installation. If you have system ceilings such as Armstrong ceilings, Rockwool ceilings or an Odenwald ceiling in your shop, petrol station or office, our CCT LED panel with the dimensions 62cm x 62cm fits directly in there without any tinkering. The CCT LED Panel 62x62cm for Odenwald ceilings 36 Watt 3000 Kelvin – 6000 Kelvin has the article number 1521.

The LED panel for Odenwald ceilings is designed to replace existing lighting systems such as those found in Odenwald ceilings. Without much effort, you can clip out the old fluorescent tubes in your Odenwald ceiling and conveniently replace them with these light panels. To do this, you only need to remove the louvre light and click this CCT panel back in, done. Don’t forget to connect the power supply. This way, you too can convert your office to the new LED technology quickly and with enormous cost savings.

Our CCT panels are suitable for all conceivable installation locations. You do not have to have an Odenwald ceiling or similar. You do not have to hang this light source on the ceiling, you can even mount the CCT panel on the wall. With our Z-brackets, this is no problem. Or what you might also like, use this CCT Panel as a hanging lamp. Simply order the wire suspension and hang this LED lamp. We have the mounting accessories in our range.

The matching power supply unit is included in the scope of delivery.



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