12 Volt LED strip warm white with lens 5 metre

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12 Volt LED strip warm white with lens 5 metre 18W/m 28LED/m 10mm IP20 3000K

This 12 volt warm white LED strip has a lens above each LED chip. This lens increases the beam angle of the light from 120° to 160°, so the illumination is more extensive. The strip can also be mounted close to an opal cover, for example, so that the effect of the lenses can be exploited. Another advantage: a compact design is possible. This 12 volt LED strip warm white can be cut every 35.7 mm at the cut marks.

To use this 12 Volt LED strip warm white you need the following accessories:

  1. Suitable switching power supply
  2. If you want to dim the strip you need a LED controller / dimmer.
  3. Radio remote control or wall switch