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Smart Home LED Outdoor Spotlight

When it comes to smart LED outdoor spotlights, you will mainly find products from MiBoxer, formerly known as MiLight.

The prerequisite for control via voice or smartphone is W-LAN and a MiBoxer gateway, which is connected directly to the router. The gateway has a direct range of about 30 metres. On the smartphone, you still need to install the free MiBoxer app to enjoy the full range of functions.

The LED outdoor floodlights from MiBoxer have another advantage: each outdoor floodlight can function as a repeater. This means that the signal is transmitted over a distance of 30 metres to the next outdoor spotlight or garden spotlight. This is an advantage especially if, for example, several LED spotlights are installed in the garden: Only one outdoor spotlight needs to be controlled, e.g. setting light colour red, and this setting signal is forwarded to all LED spotlights within a radius of 30 metres, which in turn forward the signal. So if the spotlights are mounted at 30-metre intervals, the signal can be forwarded over any distance.

An alternative control would be a suitable MiBoxer remote control.

The smart spotlights are usually housed in a black aluminium body that has a ribbed design on the side and/or back to dissipate heat quickly. This benefits the lifespan of a spotlight.

Most spotlights are fixed in the ground with the help of a ground spike. Direct attachment to walls via a metal bracket is possible.