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MiBoxer LED lamps

The smart MiBoxer lamps make your life easy and comfortable. Use voice commands to control the ceiling, table or desk lamp. No more unnecessary trips to the light switch, no more interruptions in your activities. Once you get used to it, you won’t want to miss this luxury. Or would you like to control the lighting via smartphone? Then the MiBoxer lamps are perfect.

As a prerequisite, you need W-LAN and a MiBoxer gateway, which must be ordered separately. The gateway is then connected directly to the router, for example.

MiBoxer lamps are available in E27, GU10 and MR16 sockets. Please always pay attention to the dimensions, e.g. with the GU10 lamp, as the height may be slightly greater than with your previous GU10 lamps. After all, everything should fit. The diameter of 50 mm is of course the same as for all GU10 lamps.

The RGB CCT lamps have 16 million light colour settings. The “dual white” lamps shine with warm, neutral and cold white light.

The colour change and dimmability of the lamps are controlled via voice or smartphone.

Colourful coloured light immediately immerses every room in the desired colour mood.

Another advantage: repeater function. The MiBoxer lamps transmit signals to each other within a range of 30 metres. So if you make a colour change on one lamp, this colour change is passed on to the other MiBoxer devices in the vicinity.