LED strip accessories

From 2-pole L-connectors to 6-pole T-connectors, you will find numerous accessories for the successful installation of LED strips. Connectors are used, for example, to lay LED strips around corners or to guide them in other directions. Connecting cables are used to connect two LED strips that follow each other.

Please always pay attention to the article designations, which give you information about compatibility.

Example: An RGB CCT strip needs a 6-pole RGB CCT connecting cable.

How can I connect LED strips?

For the connection, the quick connectors are the means of choice. To assemble, first loosen the front clamp of the quick connector. Then the LED strip is passed through so that the copper conductors come to rest completely and flush under the two or four opposite poles, the pins of the connector. Although we have many connectors in our range, we recommend soldering the LED strips together.