These module chains are inserted into the letters and cast, for example. Laying these LED module chains is as easy as laying LED strips, even more convenient, because there is no conductor track between the individual modules, but only a short cable. This makes the chains highly flexible and very easy to lay and process.
This allows you to lay the LED modules in circles, along contours, around corners and edges, etc. Here in our LED illuminant online shop you will find all useful LED module chains. You are still unsure? We will gladly send you a single LED module. A complete LED module chain consists of 20 LED modules, which are all connected by cables.

What can you expect from our LED module chains?
Of course, our LED modules are suitable for outdoor use. These modules are waterproofed and glued into flat housings. This way, the modules can illuminate everything well and the illuminated lettering is shown to advantage.
You can also simply attach these modules with double-sided adhesive tape, but I suggest screwing on the individual LED modules, so they last forever. At some point, the adhesive tape will dry out and the individual LED modules will fall off or come loose. It is better to screw them on properly right away.