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RGB+CCT LED Strip 24 Volt

In this category you will find RGBCCT LED strips. These RGB+CCT LED strips can shine both in colour and monochrome white in the desired colour temperature. This gives you all the possibilities of LED technology in one LED strip.

Structure of RGBCCT LED strips

RGBCCT LED strips are equipped with 5in1 LED chips. Each of the LED chips consists of 5 individual LED chips with the light colours red, green, blue, warm white and cool white. This allows the RGBCCT LED strip to mix all colours from the RGB chips. For a reasonable white light with high colour rendering, the two white (warm white and cool white) LEDs are installed. By mixing the relative brightness of both LEDs, a correlated colour temperature can be set (tunable white). Here, the colour temperature can be set between the “warm white” of the warm white LEDs (e.g. 2700K) and the “cool white” of the cool white LEDs (e.g. 6500K). If both groups are supplied with the same power (or the strip is connected directly to an LED power supply unit), a neutral white light is emitted. The minimum and maximum colour temperature to be set is determined by the colour temperature of the warm white and cool white LEDs. Information on the colour temperature of CCT LED strips therefore refers to the colour temperatures of the two groups or the upper and lower limits of the colour temperature to be set.

Operation of RGB+CCT LED strips

To operate RGBCCT LED strips, an RGBCCT LED controller is required in addition to an LED power supply unit with a suitable output voltage and sufficient power. The desired light colour can be conveniently set on this controller. It is possible to let only the RGB channels light up for a coloured light. Likewise, only the white channels can be switched on if only white light is required (in the light that suits the situation). Thanks to the built-in combination of RGB and CCT LEDs, mixed light in pastel shades can also be generated to create a great lighting atmosphere.

Different colour temperatures with RGBCCT LED strips

As with pure CCT LED strips, RGBCCT LED strips can also be used to exploit the effect of different colour temperatures on people and to recreate the colour temperature of the sun depending on the time of day. Warm white LED light with a colour temperature of 2700K to 3000K corresponds to natural sunlight in the morning and evening, while cool white LED light emits the colour temperature of daylight. Neutral and cool white light has an activating effect due to the increased blue component (the blue component of the light spectrum suppresses the release of melatonin, light shower) and should be avoided in the evening (for a healthy sleep-wake rhythm). Just as aligned to the time of day, LED lighting with adjustable colour temperature and the accompanying effect of light can also be used for rooms with different purposes.