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12 Volt LED strips neutral white

The colour temperature of the emitted light of neutral white LED strips comes closest to pure white or daylight white and has a colour temperature in the range between 3300K and 5300K. Neutral white lighting is predestined, for example, for the design of workplace lighting, public spaces, but can also be used for presentation lighting or for the illumination of salesrooms and sales areas. However, it can also be useful to use warm white light for certain scenarios in order to use the respective lighting characteristics to promote products or premises.
Cold white light beyond 5300K, on the other hand, unfolds a technically modern light and can be combined very well with metallic and mineral surfaces. However, it is less suitable for main lighting because, on the one hand, it creates a cool lighting atmosphere and, on the other, it does not show human skin in the best light. We therefore advise prospective customers not to install cool white LED strips in bathrooms or cosmetic areas. If the interior allows it, we recommend using warm white LED strips or at least neutral white LED strips. If you do not want to commit to a specific colour temperature because of various requirements for the room and lighting, you can also use CCT LED strips. These strips contain both warm white and cool white LEDs and with the help of a CCT LED controller, the desired colour temperature can be set from “warm white” to “neutral white” to “cool white”.

What is neutral white ?

Neutral white is a light colour with a colour temperature in the range of 3300 to 5300 Kelvin. White light creates the character of artificial light and thus creates a businesslike atmosphere, which is why neutral white light is mainly used for office lighting.

What is the effect of neutral white ?

Daylight white light has a similar effect to a brightly lit midday sky; the proportion of blue frequencies is high. Daylight white lighting is particularly recommended for workrooms and workshop lighting, as it boosts the ability to concentrate and perform. Cold white light ensures that colours are reproduced as realistically as possible. This light should have the same colour effect as daylight.

Is the neutral white LED strip dimmable?

If you want to dim the neutral white LED strip, you need the following additional products:

  1. Suitable LED controller
  2. suitable remote control or wall switch
  3. suitable LED power supply unit

These accessories are displayed directly below the product.