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RGB LED Strip 12 Volt

What does RGB mean for LED strips?
RGB stands for red, green and blue. These are the three main colours of the additive colour system. In lighting, we find the designation RGB for coloured lighting.

RGB lighting with LED Strip 12 Volt

RGB lighting can take on all colours, from warm orange to cool blue. It is often used in LED strips. We distinguish between three types of RGB LED strips:

Classic RGB : An LED strip with triple diodes (red, green and blue on one diode). To obtain white light, the three diodes are used at the same time. The white light may contain traces of other colours. This white light will not have the same brightness as the light from a true white LED diode.
RGB+W : An LED strip with triple diodes (red, green and blue on one diode) and a separate white diode for pure white light. Due to the larger distance between two diodes of the same colour, uniform light is not guaranteed. The difference between the different light beams will be easier to see with this type of LED strip.
RGBW: An LED strip with four diodes (red, green, blue and white on one diode). Provides pleasantly uniform light in every colour.

What is the difference between RGB and RGBW LED strips?

Like RGB strips, RGBW LED strips are equipped with an RGB chip and generate millions of colours. The difference to RGB LED strips is that RGBW LED strips are also equipped with single-colour white LED strips. RGBW LED strips thus combine the advantages of single-colour LED strips in terms of efficiency and colour rendering with the advantages of RGB LED strips (colourful light with adjustable light colour).