12 Volt and 24 Volt LED strips

In this category you will find all our LED strips, whether LED strips 5 m on a roll for 12 volts, or COB LED strips 5 m for 24 volts, or 220 volt LED strips. Whether single-coloured 220 volt LED strips, or multi-coloured RGB LED strips, we can offer you all that here.

For our LED strips and COB strips, there are an almost unbelievable number of possible uses and installation options. COB LED strips can be installed and mounted just like the simple LED strips as indirect lighting or as direct main lighting. Just according to your taste.

We offer you single-coloured LED strips, or also multi-coloured LED strips. Single-colour LED strips are available in red, green, blue, warm white, cool white and neutral white. With the white light colours, you should plan in advance for which purpose you want to use them. You should select the light colour of the LED strip according to the intended use.

In the living room, we know the warm white cosy light from the light bulbs, a colour temperature in the range of 3300 Kelvin. Now imagine that you would now install LED strips in cold white. This is the colour temperature you probably know from neon tubes or fluorescent tubes.

LED strips in neutral white well suited for the workplace

The colour temperature neutral white is similar to daylight, so it is well suited for the illumination of workplaces. Experiments have shown that people are more motivated and perform better when they are illuminated in this colour temperature.

LED strips in warm white for a cosy atmosphere

For a cosy ambience, we recommend LED strips in warm white colour temperature. You can also use so-called CCT LED strips, which have the advantage that you can regulate the white colour temperatures in conjunction with an LED controller from warm white to cool white, just as you like.

Controlling LED strips with the radio remote control

Not only the colour temperature of the LED strips is important, but also that you can adjust the brightness according to the occasion. Of course, this is also possible with our controller. You can set everything conveniently with the radio remote control.

In addition to the advantages of high efficiency (lumens per watt), LED strips are particularly impressive because of their versatility and flexibility in use. Due to their flat, narrow and space-saving design, LED strips offer the possibility to bring light to places that could not be illuminated so far due to lack of space.
LED strips can be installed in such a way that they are not visible when switched off and not only illuminate but also inspire when switched on. Light sources such as LED strips are primarily intended to provide light, but in addition to pure brightness, a pleasant atmosphere and desired ambience can also be created with the help of the right light.
With your creative ideas and our LED products, you can achieve unique lighting effects in the area of direct and indirect main or area lighting. In order to be able to offer you the right LED strips, you will find LED strips of different brightness and light colour. Our assortment ranges from very economical 12-volt LED strips to super-bright high-power 24-volt LED strips. For every application, from discreet accent lighting to ceiling illumination, we have the right LED strips for you.

Single-colour LED strips

Single-colour LED strips can be used both for lighting accents and for illuminating entire rooms. In addition to high efficiency, they also offer high light quality (colour rendering, spectral light distribution). We offer single-colour LED strips primarily in the three light colours warm white, neutral white and cool white. We offer these in turn in different colour temperatures. Thanks to the large selection, you will find exactly the right LED strip for your lighting solution. Besides single-colour LED strips with the light colour white, we also offer single-colour LED strips with the light colours red, green, blue and amber (yellow-orange).

CCT LED strips

CCT LED strips are LED strips that are equipped with 2 different types of LEDs. CCT LED strips are usually fitted with cool white and warm white LEDs. By mixing the brightness of the two LED groups, light colours can be created. CCT stands for “correlated colour temperature” and means that a light colour is created by mixing the two colour temperatures (cool white and warm white). If LEDs with 2300K and 6500K are installed on the CCT LED strip, for example, light colours in the range 2300K-6500K (from warm white to neutral white to cool white) can be continuously mixed with a suitable CCT LED controller. CCT LED strips are sometimes also called dual-white LED strips, tunable white or 2-channel LED strips.
Light of different colour temperatures has different effects on people and is already frequently used in the field of “HCL – human centric lighting”. Cold white light has an activating effect, while warm white light has a very cosy light characteristic. Thanks to the possibility of setting a desired light colour, you can use the effect of light for yourself in a way that was not possible before with conventional light sources. In order to use the full possibilities of CCT LED strips with variable light colour, a CCT LED controller is required, which takes over the colour management for the CCT LED strip. As with single-colour LED strips, we offer CCT LED strips in various versions in terms of colour temperature and brightness.

RGB LED strips

RGB LED strips are LED strips that are equipped with three-colour RGB LEDs (red, green and blue). By mixing the relative brightness of the three colours mentioned above, millions of different colours can be mixed. To mix the colours, a 3-channel RGB LED controller is required, some of which also have colour gradient programmes for dynamic light. RGB LED strips are very suitable for advertising lighting as well as for ambient lighting or to set colour accents. We offer the coloured RGB LED strips in various power levels, both in 12 volts and 24 volts. If all three channels are set to full brightness, the RGB LED strip emits white light (cold white). If your LED lighting should only produce coloured light, RGB LED strips are exactly the right solution. If white light of very high quality is to be emitted in addition to coloured light, RGBW LED strips are the right solution.

RGBW LED strips

RGBW LED strips can generate coloured light in all possible colours just like RGB LED strips. The difference between the two LED strips is the 4th channel “W”. In addition to the 3 channels red-green-blue, RGBW LED strips also have a 4th channel that only emits white light.

RGBW LED strips can therefore not only mix all possible bright colours, but also emit white in a high light quality. Since the light colour of the white channel is fixed, we offer RGBW LED strips in the versions RGB + warm white, RGB + neutral white and RGB + cool white. For the operation of RGBW LED strips, an RGBW LED controller is required for light management, with which the desired colours, brightness, colour gradients, pastel tones (mixture of white and coloured light) can be set. You will find both staggered (RGB LED, single-colour LED, then RGB LED again, etc.) RGBW LED strips and versions with 4-in-1 chips (each LED consists of a red, green, blue and white LED). It is also possible to connect an RGB LED strip in parallel with a single-colour LED strip and control it with an RGBW LED controller. In this case, both strips behave like one RGBW LED strip.

RGB+CCT LED strips

RGB+CCT LED strips are 5-channel LED strips with the individual channels red, green, blue, warm white, cool white and thus a combination, as the name suggests, of RGB LED strips and dual-white CCT LED strips. You thus have all the advantages of RGB, RGBW and CCT in one LED strip. Millions of colours can be generated by mixing the 3 coloured channels. In addition, 2 white channels are available with which you can generate white light of a high quality. A variably adjustable colour temperature of the white light rounds off the possibilities of the RGBCCT LED strip. With these LED strips, all possibilities of LED technology are covered. To use RGB+CCT LED strips, a suitable RGB+CCT LED controller is required.