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RGBW LED strips with warm white

Set unique colour accents with RGBW LED lighting in your own home. Whether indoors or outdoors, colour lighting is a real eye-catcher in indirect lighting. Install LED strips e.g. on shelves, display cabinets, wardrobes, behind TV benches, on bed frames, on stair treads and on skirting boards or ceiling mouldings, or brighten up your outdoor area with strips on roof slopes, etc.

RGBW LED strip 5m IP65 (splash-proof)

What does the IP65 mark mean? You will find this on many luminaires and electrical appliances. The abbreviation IP stands for the degree of protection and the numbers 65 describe the exact degree of protection against contact, penetration of foreign bodies and moisture. Here you can find out all details about the IP65 protection class, especially in connection with LED luminaires and where they may be used.

Is RGBW LED Strip IP65 waterproof?

Protection against water jets indicates that a luminaire is IP65 waterproof. However, this is only partially correct. A lamp with IP65 protection may be sprayed with a garden hose, for example. However, it must not be submerged. For this, at least protection class IP67 is required.

Is RGBW LED Strip IP65 rainproof?

IP65 luminaires are protected against water jets and are therefore ideal for outdoor use. While IP44 luminaires should only be mounted directly on the house wall or under a roof, IP65 lamps may also be used outdoors in the rain.

RGBW LED Strip IP65 for outdoor

Luminaires with IP65 protection can be installed in various places outdoors or in the garden. Due to the protection against water jets from all directions, the lamps are protected against rain. The dust-tightness also prevents insects from getting inside the luminaire and soiling or damaging it.

RGBW LED strips with protection class IP 20

The RGBW LED strips with protection class IP20 are only suitable for indoor applications, only for dry rooms. Never use LED strips with protection class IP20 outdoors.