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Ergebnisse 1 – 12 von 29 werden angezeigt

LED strips neutral white

LED strips in neutral white light convince with a pure white light. With 4000 Kelvin, our LED strips are in the middle range of possible colour temperatures. Between the LED strips with cold light or warm light, neutral white light forms the middle. Warm white light has a strong influence of the yellow colour, while cold white light has a blue tint. Only LED strips with neutral white light have no colour influence. This also has an effect on the surroundings. All objects appear realistic and natural in this light.

Applications for LED strips with neutral white light

Light in neutral white corresponds to daylight in the morning and afternoon, i.e. at the most active time of the day. That is why most companies illuminate their offices with neutral white light. Operating theatres, lecture theatres. Laboratories and other rooms requiring a high degree of concentration benefit from neutral white light. As LED strips with a neutral white colour temperature reproduce colours true to life, they are also used for quality control and in operating theatres. The neutral white LED strips with 4000 Kelvin are of course also suitable for the office in the living room. But the neutral light also creates a pleasant atmosphere in bathrooms, corridors and stairwells. However, those who install their wellness area with sauna or whirlpool in the bathroom should prefer warm white LED strips to create a cosy atmosphere.

Neutral white light has no impact on daytime and night-time sleep
While warm light provides comfort and cold light promotes concentration, neutral light does not affect the human organism at all. It neither increases nor decreases the production of melatonin, unlike the other colour temperatures. This hormone is responsible for the human day and night rhythms. LED strips with neutral white light exert no influence, so our body is in the normal wakeful phase. This also explains why people in offices in particular find this light pleasant. Sitting for hours in cold white light can stress the body because hormone production is suppressed. Conversely, warm white light is too soothing to work in all the time.

Arrange your rooms according to their purpose. Warm white light in the living room, cool white light on the terrace and neutral white light in the office. If you want to illuminate your rooms with different colour temperatures depending on the time of day, buy a high-quality 24-volt CCT dual white LED strip. Using a CCT controller you can display white light in warm white, neutral white or cool white and all tones in between. Since a cold white and a warm white diode sit side by side on this LED strip, they provide a neutral white light with almost 4,000 Kelvin at full power.