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Zeigt alle 8 Ergebnisse

LED Panel 60×120 cm Light colour

The selection of the right light colour depends on the function of the room or space and, of course, on personal preference.

The warm white light colour is particularly suitable for cosy rooms, e.g. living/dining/bedrooms or waiting rooms.

The cool white colour temperature is often used in rooms where precise, concentrated work is required, e.g. in doctors’ treatment rooms, laboratories, beauty parlours, etc. The cool white light colour is more often used in rooms with a high level of lighting comfort. Cold white light is also often referred to as daylight.

Neutral white LED light lies between warm white and cool white light. This light colour is often used in offices, meeting rooms, walk-in wardrobes or kitchens, for example.

60x120cm CCT LED Panel

With a CCT panel (dual white), all three white colours are available and you are flexible with the choice of light colour. If several different activities are carried out in one room, a CCT panel 120×60 is a good choice.

60x120cm RGB LED Panel

A panel 120×60 cm with colour change, e.g. RGB or RGB CCT, has 16 million light colour settings. With this colourful panel, you can create any mood nuance you want to give a room or space.