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Zeigt alle 6 Ergebnisse

The light colour of the 30×150 cm LED panel

The choice of the right light colour depends on the function of the room or space and, of course, on personal preference.

The warm white light colour is particularly suitable for cosy rooms, e.g. living/dining/bedrooms or waiting rooms.

The cool white colour temperature is often used in rooms where precise, concentrated work is required, e.g. in doctors’ treatment rooms, laboratories, beauty parlours, etc. The cool white light colour is more often used in rooms with a high level of lighting comfort. Cold white light is also often referred to as daylight.

Neutral white LED light lies between warm white and cool white light. This light colour is often used in offices, meeting rooms, walk-in wardrobes or kitchens, for example.

With a CCT panel (dual white), all three white colours are available and you are flexible with the choice of light colour. If several different activities are carried out in one room, a CCT panel 150×30 is a good choice.

Mounting the 150×30 cm LED panel

The mounting frame is installed in suspended ceilings and fixed in the ceiling cut-out with spring clips on the side. The panel is inserted into the mounting frame. Another advantage: The installation frame forms the visual finish of the ceiling cut-out.
The surface-mounted frame is mounted directly on the ceiling. The switching power supply is invisibly placed on the panel 150×30.
The cable system turns the panel into a modern pendant luminaire.

Control the LED 150×30 cm LED panel

There are various technical options for controlling a panel, e.g. switching on/off, colour change or dimming, which must be ordered separately. Please consider beforehand which solution options are suitable for you: Remote control, wall switch (on or off), voice control, smartphone control, etc.

As an alternative, we recommend our panel sets so that you have everything complete and can immediately mount the panel ready for use