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LED Panel 60×30 cm

We offer this LED Panel 60×30 cm in 2 housing colours. Make your choice between aluminium silver or white lacquered.

What does LED Panel 60×30 cm Pro mean?

In our range you will find standard panels and panels Pro. The Panels Pro have a higher lumen count, which results in a stronger brightness.

Light colour of the LED Panel 60×30 cm

The LED light is always selected depending on the space to be illuminated. Warm white LED light is particularly suitable for rooms in which a cosy atmosphere is to be achieved, e.g. in the living/dining/bedroom or waiting room.

Cold white LED light is often used in rooms where precise, concentrated work is required and colour differentiation is easy, e.g. in doctors’ treatment rooms, laboratories, cosmetics shops, etc. Cold white light is more often referred to as daylight.

CCT LED Panel 60×30 cm dual white

Neutral white LED light lies between warm white and cool white light. This light colour is often used in offices, meeting rooms, walk-in wardrobes or kitchens, for example. With a CCT panel (dual white), all three white colours are available. A 60×30 cm panel with colour change, e.g. RGB or RGB CCT, has 16 million light colour settings.

Mounting the LED panel 60×30 cm

We offer you various mounting options:

  • The mounting frame is installed in suspended ceilings and fixed in the ceiling cut-out with lateral spring clips. The panel is placed in the mounting frame. Another advantage: the installation frame provides the visual finish of the ceiling cut-out.
  • The surface-mounted frame is mounted directly on the ceiling. The switching power supply unit is placed invisibly on the 60×30 panel.
  • The cable system turns the panel into a modern pendant luminaire.
  • A Z-bracket fixes the panel very close to the ceiling. A switching power supply unit cannot be placed between the panel and the ceiling, i.e. a storage place must be determined.
  • Ceiling mount clips can be used to fix panels directly into cut-outs, e.g. on steel rails.
  • Triangular standard hooks are another suspension option. A separate storage place for the switching power supply must be available.