Here you will find the right LED outdoor spotlight for your problem. Whether you want to illuminate your garden or install car park lighting, there are many possible applications. Our LED spotlights are also often used as LED wall spotlights for outdoor areas, where they are used for path lighting, at the house, or at the shop as outdoor lighting for advertising signs in the gastronomy sector, etc.

Many of our LED outdoor spotlights are suitable for floor mounting and also for wall mounting, i.e. they are suitable as LED wall spotlights. Our LED outdoor spotlights are also often used as security lighting. They are mounted where stairs or paths should be illuminated.

Of course, you can also use the LED outdoor spotlights for facade lighting or to illuminate larger buildings, such as a hotel, restaurant or similar. For LED hotel lighting, LED outdoor spotlights are often used whose light colour is adjustable, for example RGB, RGBW or CCT LED outdoor spotlights.

What are RGB LED outdoor spotlights?

RGB LED outdoor spotlights or RGBW LED spotlights have the advantage that they can change their light colour. There are many more light colours than simply white. For example, the letters RGB stand for red, green and blue, and in RGBW the W stands for white.