Ergebnisse 1 – 12 von 16 werden angezeigt

Ergebnisse 1 – 12 von 16 werden angezeigt

RGB+CCT LED panel – What do the abbreviations mean?

RGB+CCT LED panels, what does it mean? CCT is an abbreviation for “Correlated Color Temperature” and in LED technology means the relative colour temperature of a white light source.

RGB+CCT LED panel – What colour temperatures are available?

The colour temperature is specified in the unit Kelvin (K). White light is divided into three levels depending on the “colour temperature”:

  • Warm white yellowish – 2,500K to 3,500K
  • Neutral white 3,500K to 4,500K
  • Cold white 4,500K to 10,000K

RGB+CCT LED panels can reproduce all 3 colour temperatures.

The panels you find in our shop can reproduce all 3 colour temperatures. You can therefore flexibly adjust the light colour according to your needs and adapt it to your requirements again and again.

RGB+CCT LED Panels – What does RGB mean?

In LED technology it means quite simply:

  • R = Red
  • G = Green
  • B = Blue

So you can make this lamp shine in these colours. We are now combining this RGB+CCT technology and thus it is possible to display many new colours. With this technique, you not only have the possibility of displaying strong colours such as red, green or blue, but also pastel shades according to your ideas. It goes without saying that you can also set normal, conventional white light. If you had a normal RGB LED panel, this would not be possible. The recommendation is therefore “Go for the RGB+CCT LED panel right away”.

RGB+CTT panel – ceiling or wall mounting

The round panels are equipped with the typical clamping springs that enable absolutely fast and practical installation in a ceiling or wall cut-out in wood or drywall construction. Once this cut-out has been made and the power connection has been established, these panels simply need to be pushed into the cut-out – the clamping springs then fold over and hold these luminaires in place. If you have a concrete ceiling in the room, we offer suitable mounting and installation frames for the panels. With our mounting frames, you have the advantage that you can make the LED driver disappear above the inserted LED panel in the LED panel mounting frame.

RGB + CCT LED panels with remote control

This means that you can reproduce an enormous number of colour nuances and also gradations of the entire colour spectrum with the RGB + CCT LED panels. Of course, we offer you the matching remote control for this illuminant.

The Longlife RGB + CCT LED panels have 3 so-called RGB channels and additionally 2 white channels, which are called CCT.

RGB + CCT LED panels in the commercial sector

The Longlife RGB + CCT LED panels are very well suited for professional lighting in cafés and bars. These lamps are also suitable for the professional implementation of innovative lighting in the commercial sector, for example in hotels and restaurants, in shops and much more.

Of course, you can also use these RGB + CCT LED panels in the private sector. To control these lamps, you need 4 channels.

The RGB + CCT LED panels from Longlife work with constant voltage and can therefore be controlled via our controllers offered in the shop.

RGB + CCT LED panels for Odenwald grid ceiling

The simple installation of the RGB + CCT LED panels makes these lamps universally applicable and very flexible. Like the other LED panels, these RGB + CCT LED lamps can also be mounted on a cable system or in an Odenwald, Armstrong or Rockwool grid ceiling. Of course, you can also use this LED lamp as a wall lamp and mount it on the wall.