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In this category you will find our LED surface-mounted luminaires round and silver. The models differ in size and in wattage.

These LED surface-mounted luminaires are far superior to their old light sources. You can of course mount these round and silver surface-mounted luminaires on the ceiling or on the wall. They offer a very high luminosity with a much lower power consumption.

LED surface-mounted luminaires round and silver consume less electricity

There are often people who underestimate these LED lamps. Many know LED illuminants as Christmas lighting, for example as lighting for the Christmas tree or as a simple LED light chain. But our small LED surface-mounted round and silver lights consume less electricity than the power-hungry incandescent bulbs or so-called energy-saving lamps.

Disadvantage of LED surface-mounted luminaires round and silver

Surface-mounted LED luminaires consume less electricity than normal light bulbs or energy lamps, but their purchase price is much higher. The advantage, however, is that the full luminosity is available immediately after switching on. Furthermore, LED lamps, or in this case surface-mounted lamps, emit a much more beautiful warm white light. Due to the many advantages, the high purchase price pays off and you quickly recoup your costs.

Lifetime of LED surface-mounted luminaires round and silver

One should not only look at the high purchase costs, the surface-mounted luminaires have a much longer service life than a conventional light source. While we are talking about approx. 1000 hours for an incandescent bulb, the LED surface-mounted luminaire in silver has a life expectancy of at least 20,000 hours, one even says up to 50,000 hours.

Advantages of LED surface-mounted luminaires round and silver

The advantage of these flat round surface-mounted luminaires is that they work completely without toxic mercury. This means that this LED light source is not toxic. Because these round silver surface mounted luminaires have such low power consumption, they have lower CO2 emissions and are therefore much better for our environment.

LED surface-mounted luminaires round and silver The power in watts is decisive

A distinction must also be made between the colour temperatures of surface-mounted LED luminaires. The round and silver surface-mounted luminaires are available in neutra white and warm white. Whereas a nice warm light is, of course, intended for the living room, you don’t take neutral white there, of course, that looks much too cold. If you take this round silver surface-mounted luminaire in neutral white, then you can use it in workrooms or at the desk. The more power the lamp has, the brighter it shines. But make sure you choose enough power for your desired purpose. If you want to install a small, round silver surface-mounted luminaire, remember that up to 5 watts is decorative lighting. You cannot illuminate a desk with this wattage, you have to choose a higher wattage class.