LED surface-mounted luminaire dimmable

If you wish to make the surface-mounted luminaire dimmable, this is technically feasible with an appropriate transformer. This is called a dimmable transformer. Dimmability is not provided as standard.

Round surface-mounted LED luminaire

Here in the LED light source online shop, you will also find round surface-mounted luminaires in the housing colour white or silver. We can also offer you our round surface-mounted luminaires in different sizes and power classes. Round lamps start at 6 Watt and go up to 24 Watt.

LED surface mounted luminaire warm white

Whether warm white or cold white, we offer our surface-mounted LED luminaires in both versions. To create a cosy atmosphere, warm white is of course best. If you want to have the surface-mounted luminaires to illuminate your workplace, I would prefer cold white, you don’t tire so quickly.

LED surface-mounted luminaire, angular

If you prefer angular surface-mounted luminaires, then we can help you here too. We also have all our LED surface-mounted luminaires in a square version in stock.

Surface-mounted luminaires can also be mounted in cupboards or showcases as well as under kitchen cabinets and provide additional and targeted light exactly where it is needed.

The LED surface-mounted luminaires have a beam angle of 120 degrees.

The uniformly beautiful radiation of these round surface-mounted luminaires provides extremely elegant lighting in your rooms. Because the light emitted is virtually glare-free, you can install this light source in various rooms. You will also be delighted because you will always see a satisfactory result after installation.