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CCT LED panel dimmable with adjustable colour temperature

CCT LED panel, what does that mean? Let’s start from the beginning. CCT is an abbreviation of correlated colour temperature (CCT).

Colour temperature, by definition, is “the temperature of an idealised thermal radiation source associated with a particular colour of light emanating from the radiation source.”

The correlated colour temperature, or CCT, describes a relative colour temperature emanating from a white light source. There are different colour temperatures in CCT LED modules or panels. As I will describe below, these are cool white, neutral white and also warm white. Everything is possible with CCT LED lamps.

CCT LED panel – dimmable colour temperature adjustable

What colour temperatures are available with CCT LED panels? The colour temperature of CCT LED lamps is also measured and specified in Kelvin.

Characteristic light colours are:

  • 3300 Kelvin
  • 3300 Kelvin to 5000 Kelvin
  • above 5000 Kelvin

Examples of the different CCT light colours are, for example, our well-tried incandescent bulbs, these appear somewhat yellowish orange and this is the light colour 3000 Kelvin and it is then called colour temperature warm white.

Then we said 3300 Kelvin to 5000 Kelvin, we all know this light colour from the fluorescent tubes or also called fluorescent lamps, you can also select this colour temperature with the CCT LED ceiling lights. The light in vehicles with xenon headlights also shines in this light colour, which is neutral white.

Then there are also over 5000 Kelvin with the CCT LED panels, this is daylight white or also called cold white. For example, this light colour appears in the midday sun.

CCT LED panel dimmable – adjustable colour temperature

Of course, you can dim the CCT panels and adjust their light colour by remote control. So you can conveniently choose by remote control whether you need cold white, neutral white or prefer a warm white. The CCT LED panels from Parcolux are all-rounders and can therefore be used universally. Depending on how you need it, the CCT lamps from Longlife can do it all.

Experience has shown that especially entrepreneurs with offices, shops, etc. appreciate these CCT ceiling lamps very much. It can be converted without any problems and thus easily replaces uneconomical light sources that are getting on in years.

Our CCT LED panels convince with their energy efficiency, the enormous service life and without costly maintenance.

The very good quality of the CCT illuminants and the very easy operation and the chic, discreet design of the LED panels are further plus points for the CCT LED panel from Longlife.

The very good quality of the CCT light sources and the child’s play operation and the elegant, discreet design of the LED panels are further plus points for the CCT LED panel from Parcolux.

With the installation of the CCT LED panels in your premises, you benefit from a beautiful even illumination, which is of course flicker-free. You will simply find optimal lighting conditions, whether you have to work on your PC or do other tasks, you will be thrilled by the illumination.

CCT LED panel surface-mounted or flush-mounted

All CCT LED panels can be installed in your premises in just a few steps. Whether in the warehouse, in the office or in your shop. Installation is very simple and easy. Of course, we are at your disposal with help and advice.