LED indoor luminaires – the future of lighting

In today’s world, lighting technology is facing a major upheaval. It almost doesn’t matter where you are, LED interior lighting is making inroads everywhere. Whether in doctors’ surgeries, at the bakery, in shopping centres or in multi-storey car parks, modern LED light sources are already to be found everywhere.

Applications of LED indoor luminaires

As we can see, the old tried and tested light bulbs and fluorescent tubes are being replaced by the new efficient LEDs. Due to the great progress made in LED technology, new areas of application are opening up all the time. First came the use in the automotive industry and now we find them almost everywhere, whether in the office, in the car, or even in the private sphere.

LED interior lights – an economical and light-emitting light-emitting diode

Everyone knows that electricity prices are constantly rising. For many people, this is a reason to look for alternative ways to save on electricity costs. One possibility is the use of LED light sources.

The history of LED indoor luminaires

LEDs have been used in public buildings and commercial premises since the 1990s. But the history of LED lamps goes back further. For example, these illuminants were developed as early as the 1950s, and the system was developed and discovered around 100 years ago. Initially, however, LEDs were used exclusively as warning lamps and signal lights. It was not until the end of the 1990s that LEDs were also used in the form of interior luminaires. Today, LED indoor luminaires are enjoying ever-increasing popularity. Not least because these light sources cause significantly lower energy costs than old-fashioned light bulbs.

LED indoor lighting without mercury

Our LED interior lights work completely without toxic mercury, they shine brighter, live longer and are better for our environment.