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Zeigt alle 6 Ergebnisse

Accessories LED bulbs

Base adapter

There are now E27 alternatives for E40 lamps. Before you have to convert lamps in a complicated way, invest a lot of time or even buy new ones, base adapters offer a cheap and convenient alternative.

Lamp and lampholders

The lampholders are supplied with a luster terminal and can be mounted immediately. The lamp sockets have an open cable end.

LED tube holder

Tube holders are needed for mounting LED tubes. LED tubes can usually be inserted into existing tube holders. After many years of use, tube holders may show signs of wear. If you want to replace an old fluorescent tube with an LED tube, the holder of this fluorescent tube can often be used further by a small conversion with an LED starter bridge.

Housing for moisture-proof luminaires

Both 1-lamp and 2-lamp in various dimensions are available in our range.