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LED trunking systems for industry

Our industrial continuous row systems are characterised by the fact that they have protection class IP65. This means that they are protected against water and dust and are therefore also suitable for halls where it can be really damp. You can even install these LED industrial lamps outdoors.

You can simply plug our continuous row system together, that’s all you have to do. There is only one feed for the power, no need for hours of wiring. You can join up to 30 individual continuous rows together without any problems. Since one strip light has a length of 1.50 m, this gives you 45 m of hall lighting.

220 volts are then fed into one side and that’s all. You already have your LED continuous row system for hall lighting. These industrial continuous rows have a plastic cover and no glass attachments. The cover is opal and you do not see any LED chips. The radiation of the Pro continuous row is 120° and has a colour temperature of approx. 5000 Kelvin, which means that they emit cold white light.

Important note: The integrated power supply units in the continuous row Pro products are TÜV tested!