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Dimmability 1-10V of the industrial continuous-row lighting system

In principle, dimmability is an extremely helpful feature, but if it is also possible to switch to a higher or lower wattage, then of course there are even more possibilities for adaptation. Switching to a different wattage On the other hand, especially in the area of continuous row systems, it may be possible that it has been used in a certain area for a few years and has performed perfectly there, but later, e.g. due to a move to another area, a different wattage is expected from the lighting. Nothing could be easier for this ingenious new product – simply switch over and everything is perfectly adjusted!

The following then applies to the luminous efficacy

72W – 8,900lm 68W – 8,500lm 64W – 8,100lm 60W – 7,800lm

Industrial continuous-row system can be combined with 3-phase track luminaires

All preparations for mounting the continuous-row system also make it possible to use LED 3-phase track luminaires!
This track again has the “simple” length (1437mm), with the slot for installing the 3-phase spots being 700mm long.
3-phase track luminaires from our range are compatible with this track:

40 or 48 elements with only one power supply.

You can connect 40 elements of this LED continuous row luminaire in series and only need one power feed (when set to 72W).
If you set the luminaire to 60W, one power supply is even sufficient for 48 elements.

Accessories for the industrial continuous-row system

You need a number of accessories for mounting the Pro+ continuous-row luminaire:

The continuous-row luminaire itself is 1437mm long and is mounted on a trunking rail, which we offer in two versions, once in the “single” length or exactly twice as long, so that TWO elements of the continuous-row luminaire can then be mounted directly on ONE rail. Depending on the project you want to realise, one or the other version may be more practical for you. The trunking rails are designed with 7 poles.

Blind cover:
There is also a “blind cover” unit under which the cables continue but no luminaire is mounted.

Cord suspension:
A 2m wire suspension is available for suspending the continuous row luminaire.

Further accessories: Feed, end piece and matching holder.