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LED hall floodlight

The LED hall floodlights Pro are well suited to illuminate halls and large spaces such as sports halls, industrial halls or warehouses. If highly effective and reliable lighting is important to you, and if safety and a carefree future are important to you, then we would like to give you a very special light source with the LED hall floodlight Pro.

No matter whether your halls are only 4 metres high or even 25 metres high – we at Longlife LED GmbH are happy to be your competent contact. Our range includes the LED high bay spotlight Pro – an LED light source with many advantages that are guaranteed to convince you.
A highly efficient and modular lighting system

The LED high bay spotlight Pro belongs to the MH Plus series.

These are lighting methods in which LED modules and well-matched power supply units have been perfectly combined. Each of these two components has many advantages.

The LEDs are available in different optics and light colours. Of course, these LED lamps are also cost-saving and efficient. The long service life of up to 50,000 hours makes these lamps particularly popular; maintenance and the associated costs are minimised. The power supply units are equipped with overvoltage protection.

The MH Plus series has made it possible to get a perfect combination of LED light sources and power supply units. The LED high bay spotlights Pro belong to this series and are convincing all along the line. With these spotlights, you get optimal hall lighting.

The system brings even more advantages to your halls and large rooms. For example, the high bay spotlights are particularly vibration-resistant and sturdily built.

Furthermore, you can freely choose the wattage between 80 and 280 watts. In this way, the Pro LED high bay spotlights can be optimally adapted to the conditions in your hall.

The power supply units are TÜV-tested and the LED modules are of course 100% quality – a light source that will also convince you with its longevity.

With such a convincing product, it was a must to include the LED high bay spotlight Pro in our range.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our online shop.

In addition to the LED high bay spotlights Pro, we also have other great LED products for you.

If you have any questions, we are always happy to help.