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LED damp-proof luminaire

The LED damp-proof luminaire is one of the robust, energy-saving and long-lasting light sources with high light intensity. Damp-proof luminaires are used where it can get damp or wet and a high luminous power is expected. Moisture-proof luminaires are installed e.g. in shower rooms of sports halls.

LED moisture-proof luminaire in different lengths

LED moisture-proof luminaires are available in different lengths, e.g. 60 cm, 120 cm or 150 cm, and shapes, e.g. angular or round. Pay attention to the height differences so that you can choose the perfect lighting.
From protection class IP44

Protection class of the LED moisture-proof luminaire

Therefore, please always pay attention to the protection class. A damp-proof luminaire with protection class IP65 can be used outdoors without any problems because it is protected against water jets and dust. A moisture-proof luminaire with IP44 should rather be used in covered outdoor areas.

Mounting the LED moisture-proof luminaire

Several mounting options give you a lot of flexibility. Usually, the luminaires are mounted with metal clamps, e.g. on the ceiling. Suspension with wire ropes is also popular because it makes you independent of ceiling heights.

It is very common for several LED moisture-proof luminaires to be mounted one behind the other and wired through. Cable inputs/outputs are available. Only one power supply is required.

Possible applications of the damp-proof luminaire

The areas of application are otherwise very diverse: cellars, garages, outdoor areas, multi-storey car parks, workshops, hobby rooms, industrial plants, warehouses, commercial kitchens, subways, staircases, etc.