LED shop lighting

How do I find the right LED shop lighting?

Of course, the primary objective of lighting a shop is to increase sales. But in different shops this is achieved in different ways.

To achieve this, it is important for shop operators and lighting designers to think about the following questions:

What mood do I want to achieve? This can be very cosy, for example, but also very bright and invigorating. In any case, the lighting mood should match the furnishing concept.

Who do I want to reach? For example, men are demonstrably inspired by different light colours than women. Older customers need it a little brighter to be able to read labels. Etc.

What exactly do I want to achieve? Do I want to direct the customer in the shop, do I want him to stay as long as possible, find his destination quickly, or perceive the merchandise in an appealing way – these are just a few questions that often determine sales in the end.

In order to create the desired mood in terms of lighting, there are a number of luminaire parameters that are more or less decisive, depending on the objective. We would like to briefly introduce the most important ones:

Type of lighting. Here we distinguish between basic lighting, spot lighting and effect lighting. Whereas ambient lighting is more responsible for uniform, diffuse illumination of the room, spot lighting illuminates specific areas. Effect lighting is used more to accentuate the mood.

The brightness, in relation to the whole room or parts of it. The colour of light. Warm light colours are often cosier but not always necessarily more conducive to sales.

Lighting quality. This usually refers to the colour rendering index. This is a relatively complex factor that scientists like to discuss in detail. In practice, however, this value is not insignificant. The higher the value, the more true-to-life colours are displayed and the more appealing goods look. Unfortunately, this is often accompanied by a higher price for the luminaires.