LED house numbers

House number LED lighting is the theme of this category. Here you will find the unique ABC Mix LED house numbers in white. These LED house numbers have a built-in circuit board with a shaft of small, powerful LED chips. Our latest offshoot from the abcMix family are our illuminated house numbers, the so-called LED house numbers. One of our visions is to construct these illuminated LED house numbers in such a way that you can connect a twilight switch and furthermore that we can provide these LED house numbers with selected LED chips and you can then let the house numbers shine in warm white, neutral white or also in daylight white.

The LED house numbers are white when they are not switched on. You prefer LED house numbers with stainless steel? If you are looking for a stainless steel house number, you have come to the right place. For our illuminated house numbers, we offer stainless steel covers for the numbers and letters. Simply stick them onto our illuminated LED house numbers and you’re done. Once these stainless steel house numbers are stuck on, only the contours of the LED house numbers are illuminated and not the complete number or letter.