abcMIX Slide letters can be put together individually

Whether at a trade fair, in your shop or in your own four walls: If you put together LED letters individually, you can set the scene for your sales areas in a special way. All letters can be freely combined. And the best thing is, the rows of letters can be easily adapted and changed. So you can send new advertising messages at any time.

The advantages of the abcmix slide letters:

Freely combinable and word rows are child’s play to change
Easy and quick to install (no craftsmanship required)
High luminosity and uniform illumination
Quality technology with long durability
Different sizes available, which can be combined with each other

With the configurator, we now make it easy for you to find the right technology. In no time at all, you will have a high-quality, bright LED letter row in the right size and wattage.

It couldn’t be simpler. Try it out for yourself!

abcmix slide Individually combinable and flexibly changeable

Assembling LED letters individually used to be something that cost a lot of money and nerves. Due to different wattages and widths of the individual letters, each LED lettering, once made, was usually no longer changeable. If you wanted to send a new advertising message or design your home differently, the old illuminated letters had to be stored away in the cellar. With our “Slide” system, we now solve this problem once and for all. You can assemble your LED letters individually and conjure up ever new, beautiful lettering. There are no limits to your creative ideas.

abc Mix Slide LED letters are quickly installed

With the abcMIX “Slide” system, technical installation is child’s play. After you have created your desired illuminated sign via the configurator, the rail, letters and power supply unit are delivered directly to your home. You can then simply put everything together in a modular system. No special technical skills are required. In the “Slide” version, the letters are even suitable for wall mounting or ceiling suspension. We will be happy to supply you with the appropriate accessories for this.

abcmix Slide LED letters have a high luminosity.

Our LED letters stand out due to their clear design and high luminosity. Nothing is worse than an LED sign that does not have the necessary luminosity to attract visitors’ eyes. To give you full control over your illuminated sign, you can equip your letters with a feeder with integrated dimmer to adjust the brightness. Please note that the letters from the “Slide” (or “Click”) system are only suitable for indoor applications.

abcMix Slide LED letters are manufactured to a high standard.

At abcMIX, we value technology that meets a German quality standard. The letters come on an aluminium board and with branded LEDs that are firmly screwed into the body of the letter. The aluminium board effectively dissipates heat, which prevents the letters from heating up and helps ensure that your illuminated sign will work perfectly for many years. The light itself is emitted flatly to the front, which enables even illumination and prevents unsightly light spots. The letters themselves are made of a particularly high-quality plastic. This means that the letters remain snow-white and do not yellow even after many years.

Advantages of the abcMix Slide letters

The cold white light of the LED letters and LED house numbers is emitted uniformly via the front light-emitting surface. The cool white light colour of the abcMIX letters can be seen very well even in daylight. At trade fairs, exhibitions and conferences, these illuminated letters are an absolute eye-catcher. The EasyClick letters shine with a neutral white light colour. With the LED house numbers, the white light colour is set via a switch (accessory item).

abcMix Slide letters can be freely combined.

The LED letters (Click or Slide) can be combined as desired. In addition to the letters, numbers and many special characters are available, which can be combined according to your own ideas.

abcMix slide letters are quickly assembled

The abcMIX LED letters are very easy to combine. The magnetic click mechanism or the slide rail are self-explanatory. Just quickly attach the power supply unit and the feed or the connection cable and your illuminated lettering will shine. For the house numbers, manual skills are required for wall mounting. Mounting templates are enclosed with the house numbers to facilitate installation.

Get creative with abcMix slide LED letters

Get creative! If you assemble your LED letters individually, the visit to your premises will become something special. Due to the free combinability and durability of the letters, this is an investment that you will enjoy for many years and can inspire your customers again and again.

Through the visual communication of a message, you can emotionally pick up your customers. For example, through a welcome greeting or a seasonal message such as “Happy New Year”. But you can also make it easier for your customers to find their way around your salesrooms by using catchwords such as “Service” or “RECIPE”. And sales promotions will certainly no longer escape your visitors’ attention with a “SUPER-Sale”.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! We look forward to advising you.