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abcMix Click LED Letters | Numbers & Special Characters

With our unique system, you have the freedom of combination, a versatile choice of font sizes and installation options. Our configurator helps you to eliminate sources of error, e.g. choosing the right power supply.

Create your lettering now with the following properties:

Font: Arial Bold
Font colour: White
Letter height: either 75, 125 or 175 mm
DC Output: DC12 Volt
Colour temperature and light colour: 6500 Kelvin / cool white

abcMIX Click LED letters for indoors

With our configurator you have free combination possibilities. Depending on your needs, you can combine letters, numbers and some special characters such as ♥ that can be found on a German keyboard. As standard for our LED letters for indoor use, we use the font Arial Bold.

There are only a few restrictions for lower case letters. The characters g, j, p, q and y cannot be used because parts of the letters are below the baseline and have an underlength. Lowercase letters within the versal height can be used for your advertising message without any problem.

When ordering, decide on a desired letter height of either 75, 125 or 175 mm. The abcMIX Click system even allows you to combine different font sizes with each other, as the letter sizes are compatible with each other.

Versatile, easy to combine – our abcMIX Click system

What makes our abcMIX Click LED letters for indoor use so special is that the individual letters can be easily plugged together. We use a particularly simple, magnetic click system for this, which allows all the letters to be combined freely. The magnetic connections are so strong that you can also create longer lettering and the letters remain connected to each other.

The right transformer is automatically recommended in our configurator. The strength of the transformer varies depending on the number of LED letters used. In addition to the power supply unit, you also need a power supply, which is taken into account in our configurator.

For the power supply, you will also automatically receive two matching end caps for your LED lettering for indoor use for a neat finish at the outer ends. This makes your individual advertising message look even more professional.

Order our abcMix LED letter sample box.

You want to get to know our abcMIX Click system first before you equip your sales rooms or your trade fair stand with it? Then you should order our “Sale” sample box now. The LED letter system is ideally suited for all interior spaces.

If you are a professional advertising technician and would like to advise your customers even better, we recommend the two sample boxes “Sale” and “NEW”. This way you can easily convince yourself and your customers of the quality. The sample boxes are available in two versions as click and slide system. You will also receive a matching feed, two end caps, matching cables and adapters as well as a rechargeable battery pack that allows you to use the lettering for a long time even without an existing power supply. Use our sample boxes for successful consultation and sales talks with your customers.

LED letter sample box “Sale” as magnetic click system
LED letter sample box “NEW” as slide system