abcMix LED letters

Here you can find out everything you need to know about abcMIX LED letters. abcMIX supplies you with individual LED letters and numbers for illuminated advertising outdoors, and there are also abcMIX house numbers and letters for street names, for example. For indoor use, there are abcMIX LED click letters and the Slide System, a rail system for LED letters. Either for standing, or for wall mounting with a bracket, or also for hanging from the ceiling. All abcMIX LED lettering can be clicked together or slid onto the rail system in seconds. All LED lettering is highly flexible and can be changed and adapted immediately according to the customer’s wishes.

abcMIX illuminants for illuminated advertising

abcMIX LED illuminated letters are the new generation of illuminated advertising. abxMix stands for solid, high-quality and reliable illuminated advertising. Expensive LED illuminated letters known from the past are now finally a thing of the past. Do you still remember the handmade light boxes on which lettering and letters were mounted? Hours and days passed until an LED lettering was finished for the customer. From the beginning, it was clear to everyone that the project would cost the customer several thousand euros.

Since there was nothing else on the market, it was just the case that once the LED illuminated letters were finished, they could no longer be changed. All LED letters had to remain as they were and nothing could be changed. A change of the LED illuminated advertising was only possible with enormous effort and of course also caused the corresponding costs. For you, this meant another trip to the customer, dismantling the entire LED illuminated advertising and taking it back with you. Then implementing the customer’s wishes, as far as possible. Then another trip to the customer and then you were allowed to install the handy LED illuminated advertising a second time.

abxMIX LED illuminated letters for outdoor advertising

Our LED illuminated letters for outdoor advertising look very attractive and are produced to a very high standard. The housing of each LED letter is made of ABS material and each abcMIX letter naturally has the required protection class. For outdoor illuminated advertising, every single abcMIX LED letter is available with protection class IP 65.

What does IP65 protection mean for abcMIX LED illuminated letters?

When talking about the IP protection class, most advertising technicians know that it is protection against moisture. But some don’t know, when you get right down to it, that the term IP protection class is not correct. It is true, however, that both terms exist, but both terms describe something completely different for the respective LED illuminant.

abcMIX and other LED lamps must function perfectly and reliably at all times. And they have to do so under the most diverse conditions. An abcMIX letter designed for outdoor advertising has a different structure than an LED illuminated letter for indoor use. Every advertising technician who manufactures LED illuminants knows that an illuminant built for indoor use will not last long outdoors.
abcMIx LED bush letters for outdoor use, i.e. the abcMIX capital letters, the abcMIX house numbers and the letters are particularly well manufactured and have protection class IP 65. Our abcMIX illuminated letters are dust-tight, are fully protected against contact and are also protected against water jets (from any angle).

abcMIX LED letters are made of ABS plastic.

Our abcMIX letters are made of ABS, which is the abbreviation for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. ABS is an amorphous and thermoplastic plastic, this special plastic has many good properties that benefit every abcMIX product. ABS combines many positive mechanical properties and also a chemical resistance. The material used in abcMIX letters is similar to polystyrene, but in fact it is ABS and not polystyrene. The material used in abcMIX products has a better chemical resistance, is much more resistant to weathering and also has a higher heat resistance. The abcMIX material is easy to bond and process. ABS is well suited for coating with polymers. In addition, the material used is characterised by very low water absorption. All abcMIX products benefit from these properties.

Advantages of abcMIX LED letters

Due to the material used, each individual illuminated letter has a low own weight. Each letter is break-proof and has a high impact strength. Each character from the abcMIX product line also has a high surface hardness and is scratch-resistant. Furthermore, the products are resistant to aqueous chemicals. If, despite all the good properties of the abcMIX letters, something should ever be broken, the LED letters can be glued using methyl ethyl ketone (MEK).

abcMIX product description LED click letters

Our LED letters for clicking together are freely combinable LED letters in innovative technology. You need letters for a lettering? We offer you here an innovative and inexpensive system for you. With our abcMIX LED letters, you too can freely create your company name, slogan or any other desired text. Of course in large and small LED illuminated letters. abcMIX letters make it possible. To get to the LED click letters please click on this link

What sizes are available for abxMix click letters?

The click letters are available in the following sizes:
Height 75mm | Height 125mm and in height 175mm.

How does the abcMIX click system work ?

Each individual letter has strong neodymium magnets on the right and left sides and the housing is equipped with 2 contacts on each side to pass on the voltage. The magnets attract each other and the contacts meet. The contact is thus established and the inner life of the LED illuminated letter is supplied with voltage. The letter lights up.