LED industrial luminaires for the ceiling

Here you will find interesting information on the topic of industrial luminaires – LED industrial luminaires for the ceiling, hall spotlights, warehouse lighting and interesting solutions for LED workshop lighting.
Suitable LED industrial luminaires and the correct illumination of workshops or warehouses have an influence on the motivation and concentration of employees. Therefore, I think it makes sense to invest in high quality LED warehouse lighting.

Warehouse lighting with modern LED industrial luminaires also has an influence on safety in the hall and, furthermore, lighting the hall in the right light colour has a positive effect on the productivity of the employees. I therefore recommend that you do not save at the wrong end, invest in LED industrial luminaires of solid good quality.

A good LED industrial luminaire has a very good luminosity and consists of many high-quality individual components. For example, LED industrial luminaires are equipped with particularly solid and durable power supply units or so-called drivers. These are often installed separately and the industrial luminaire can be repaired in case of damage and does not have to be completely replaced. Power supply units from the world-famous manufacturer MeanWell are often installed in LED industrial lamps such as LED high-bay luminaires with reflectors. Drivers from MeanWell are also often installed in so-called Ufo high bay spotlights or high bay spotlights.

Good LED industrial lighting provides constant good light with enormous radiant power. This LED luminosity is still sufficient even if you have a warehouse with a high-bay warehouse and therefore the LED lamps hang very high up on the ceiling.
A good solid LED high bay luminaire or a good industrial luminaire also has a sufficient protection class, which is IP65.

Buying LED industrial luminaires – What to look out for?

Do you already have LED industrial luminaires for the ceiling? Or would you like to buy industrial luminaires soon? You often ask yourself the following questions:

  •  What is the luminosity, is it sufficient?
  • How many watts do the lamps have to have?
  • Are the high-bay luminaires suitable for my warehouse?
  • Do the luminaires meet my requirements?

Only when these questions have been answered can you be sure of buying the right LED industrial luminaire for you and achieving the best possible result.

LED industrial spotlight and industrial luminaire

Many entrepreneurs have totally outdated hall lighting. Some still pay no attention to this issue. But the hall lighting reports anew every month with a high electricity bill. But it is more than just an old lighting fixture. Often there are old fluorescent tubes hanging from the ceiling, most of which are totally dusty and no longer provide the luminosity they should. The other part of the fluorescent tubes is probably defective and no longer shines. The employees work in poor light. Accidents are inevitable. No matter what the problem is – defective lamps, dusty fluorescent tubes, rotten tube holders or bad contacts that have oxidised over the years – choose LED industrial luminaires.

Do you need LED industrial luminaires at all?

From my point of view, it always pays off. If you are planning and building a new warehouse, for example, there is no way around modern LED industrial luminaires. If you have a warehouse that needs to be lit for at least 8 hours a day, then you will see the difference in your electricity bill very quickly and be able to recognise your advantage.

What light colours are available for LED industrial luminaires?

The LED industrial luminaires are available in various light colours, we carry the LED lamps in our online shop starting at 4000 Kelvin to 6500 Kelvin daylight white. Furthermore, there are different lumen ranges and there are also different beam angles of the hall spotlights. We at the LED hall lighting shop offer you a large selection of industrial lamps and hall floodlights.

LED industrial luminaires are becoming more and more important

For some time now, industry and also the trades have been paying more attention to LED high-bay luminaires and industrial luminaires, LED continuous row luminaires etc. The demand for high-quality high-bay lighting is increasing. LED light sources are being used more and more often in new buildings and also in modernisation projects.

Advantages of solid LED industrial luminaires

LED light sources consume much less energy, and you can also choose the light colour of LED light sources for your hall. It has been found that if workplaces are illuminated with the light colour daylight white, employees can concentrate longer. The light colour daylight white would be approx. 6500 Kelvin.

What types of industrial luminaires are there for ceiling mounting?

LED Lichtbandsystem für die Industrie
LED continuous-row lighting system for industry

There are LED strip lights that can either be mounted directly on the ceiling or suspended with a wire suspension. The LED industrial strip light Pro 36 Watt 120cm 5000 Kelvin IP65 is suitable for the illumination of commercially used halls, as LED lighting for assembly halls, production halls or similar. Our LED industrial strip light has the advantage that the individual LED lamps can simply be plugged together. There is no time-consuming wiring. With this LED industrial strip light, you have the option of plugging together up to 30 elements. This gives you a length of 36m. Another advantage is that you only need one power connection, the power is only fed in once. Of course, you can not only install the industrial continuous row system in a straight line, with our angles you can easily install it in an L-shape, for example. Whether you want to install to the right or the continuous rooflight to the left, both are possible. There may be areas in your hall that do not need to be illuminated at all, or not so well. In this case, we have the empty elements for you, which you simply insert in place of the continuous row element to bridge this distance. The current is passed on and you can simply plug in the next strip light again.

Is the industrial continuous row suitable for my hall?

These industrial continuous rows have an IP65 protection class, which means that they are waterproof and also dustproof. You can even connect them outside. So if it is also damp in your hall, these industrial continuous rows are suitable for your purpose. The built-in LED chips also come from the brand manufacturer Samsung, these shine in the colour temperature cold white.

LED UFO high bay spotlight with single-point suspension

The situation is similar with the so-called LED high bay luminaires, there are round and angular high bay luminaires. Round hall floodlights are often called UFO spotlights or UFO hall floodlights, but they always mean the same thing. They are also known as high bay spotlights or floodlights.


Runder UFO High Bay Hallenstrahler mit Einpunkt Aufhängung
Round UFO High Bay LED high bay luminaire with single-point suspension

These round hall floodlights have a so-called single-point suspension. A chain or steel cable is attached to this single-point suspension with a snap hook. In this case, the chain or cable is used for suspension from the hall ceiling. Another variant of hall lighting is the rectangular hall spotlight with mounting bracket.

Rectangular hall floodlights for ceiling mounting

Rectangular high-bay luminaires can be mounted directly on the ceiling of the hall using the attached angle. Another advantage of this variant is that they can also be mounted directly on the wall of the hall, so that a specific area in the hall can also be illuminated from the side.


LED Industrieleuchten für die Decke
LED industrial luminaires for the ceiling

Our rectangular hall floodlights also have a very high-quality design. Here, too, a quality LED driver from Mean Well is installed. Lumileds Luxeon LED chips produce the light for these first-class spotlights. Mounting at airy heights is no problem for this rectangular industrial spotlight. This spotlight is also excellently suited for use in industrial halls and warehouses. The beam angle of these rectangular industrial spotlights is 120°.

Efficiency of rectangular LED industrial spotlights

Let’s take a spotlight with 160 watts as an example. This light source produces a comparable output to conventional spotlights with an output of approx. 500 watts. Our rectangular versions have a modular design, they are dustproof, watertight and have the important IP65 protection rating. The service life is more than 50000 operating hours. Now at the latest, everyone should realise that retrofitting is always worthwhile if you want to illuminate a warehouse or factory hall.

Guarantee on LED illuminants – rectangular industrial spotlights

We are so convinced of our rectangular hall floodlights that we can give you a 5-year guarantee on this LED illuminant. If you really want to have highly effective and solid hall floodlights and if safety and longevity are important to you, then we would like to recommend these rectangular hall floodlights. In this version, the individual modules and very good power supply units / drivers have been perfectly combined.

Does the purchase of LED warehouse spotlights pay for itself?

Yes, the purchase of LED lamps for a warehouse pays for itself. It is only a question of time until the costs are amortised. To give you a precise answer to this question, there is a return on investment calculation. Of course, new LED industrial spotlights are more expensive to buy, but they consume much less electricity than the toxic HQL bulbs or fluorescent tubes. Moreover, modern LED lamps are very low-maintenance.

Amortisation calculation for LED floodlights

What is the amortisation calculation for LED high-bay luminaires? This is often one of the most important questions when it comes to the purchase of new high-bay luminaires. After what period of time do you start saving? To be able to answer this question precisely, you need some information. First of all, you should know exactly which LED lamps are to be used. What is their power consumption? Is the lighting equipment dimensioned so that the required illuminance is achieved? If you still have conventional lamps illuminating your hall, the calculation is easier.
A payback calculation could look like this:

Investment in euros : Cost savings in euros per year = Payback period in years

Operating time of LED hall lighting

The longer the new LED hall lighting is in operation, the sooner this investment pays off. It should be clear to everyone here that the costs for day and night shifts are recouped sooner than if the warehouse is only lit for 8 hours. To be able to calculate exact figures, one would have to know the electricity prices. Since electricity prices are expected to rise in the future, the investment in the new warehouse spotlights will pay for itself sooner than perhaps planned. Another factor to consider is the long service life of the industrial spotlights, which is around 50,000 hours. So for the time being, no failure of the lamps is to be expected. Expensive maintenance work should also be unnecessary. Actually, these costs must also be included in the calculation.

400 watt HQL lamp compared to 150 watt LED high-bay luminaire

A mercury vapour lamp with an output of 400 watts is comparable with a 150-watt LED high-bay spotlight. The HQL lamp generates costs of approx. 280 euros per year with a working time of 8 hours per day. If you compare this value with that of the LED hall floodlight, you get less than half.